Wood Art

Wood Art Created in Alexander, Maine is in Demand Across The Globe

Custom wood art created by the hands of a craftsman who practices his art regularly is sought after and in demand. There is a game board creator in Maine who goes above and beyond the expectations of his clients. Customers are in queue for his next piece; each one created is unique from the next. This is because finding quality customized game boards made from the finest wood and painstakingly designed with pyrography by an artist who takes the extra time to be historically accurate is rare.
If you want your own customized game board, then browse the online selection of available games and pieces. If you need your wood art customized before Christmas be sure to put in your order soon, because these custom creations are in demand year-round and the production queue fills fast during the gift-giving season. If you have an idea for a wood art piece, but do not see it in the inventory, contact the artist with your special request.

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