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Upgrade Your Play With a Handmade Hnefatafl Board

If you are into traditional board games, then a handmade custom Hnefatafl board is what you need to really elevate your next game session. Imagine you are in a Viking dwelling, with a fire roaring in the background, playing this challenging game of strategy with your eldest child or closest friend when you play on a custom-designed handcrafted wood Tafl board.
Available from IGNITED Arts & Design are custom game boards, ready to be played, made with perfect game standards, quality hardwoods, and practiced skill. If you would like to order a board with personal designs on it, then browse the design section of the site and begin the process of having a hand in the design of your own personalized board. Order now to be ready in time for the holiday season. There are custom pawns and kings available as well, hand-carved from wood or antler. Check out the selection for a gift a Tafl player and game enthusiast will never forget.

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