Terms & Conditions

Customer Care

Customers are paying patrons of my work; people who appreciate the effort and creativity that goes into each handcrafted piece enough to purchase one for themselves.

I am very appreciative and thankful for all of my customers, and for this reason I strive very hard to make each and every one very happy and not only fulfill their requests but exceed them.  This includes not only the work itself, but the timeframe it may take to produce any piece.  At certain times of the year, this can be challenging, but I make sure to regularly communicate with customers should any delay or other issues arise.

Privacy & Safety

In this modern digital age, privacy is more important than ever.  As sole proprietor of IGNITED Arts, I will do my best to protect the privacy of my customers and blog followers.  At no time will any private information (names, email addresses, contact info, payment info, etc.) be given out or shared with third party sources.

I will post pictures of finished works to my blog, and Instagram, but customer names are never shared or even hinted at.  My standard segway for any such post is usually something similar to this: "Leaving tomorrow for Oregon, this hnefatafl board".

I may approach the owner of a business or establishment about sharing their name for my post, but no personal names are given, and I respect the owner's right to decline.

Wholesale Availability

Due to the nature of the majority of my work, and the typical amount of business that comes through my shop, wholesale items are not available.

Custom & Personalized Orders

Please contact me before placing an order should you desire customizations not outlined or offered in any particular listing.

Holiday Ordering

During the Christmas holiday season, I can quickly become VERY busy; typically putting in 12 hour days in order to make holiday shipping deadlines.

Please plan ahead - I begin taking Christmas orders in late August, but due to workload, I will close the shop to further made-to-order requests the first week of December. Ready to ship items remain listed and ship as stated in their listing.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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