Pyrography Art

What Do You Know About Pyrography Art?

Pyrography, the art of wood-burning, is often done on quality woods that burn and engrave easily, such as birch or basswood for starters. However, there are pyrography artists today who are making a name for themselves by using the art form on fine hardwoods, paper, leather, and even mixing mediums such as watercolor paints or resin inlays.
Pyrography is the act of using fire or heat to etch an image onto and into wood or another medium. Often a chisel or knife-like tool is used for hand designs, and artists will often use equipment manufactured strictly for this purpose, created by companies such as Razertip or Colwood Industries. Quality pyrography is in demand, and functional pieces as well as pieces designed just for the appreciation of the art sell equally. If you would like to practice pyrography, order a starter's set online and a piece of basswood, available in many sizes and shapes. It is a great way to vent some artistic energy, and you may very well find you are talented in the  practice.

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