Pyrography is a Skill That Turns Wood Into a Work of Art

Pyrography is a creative technique were the craftsman uses a hot metal tip to burn their designs on to the wood. The art is comparable to etching, carving, or pencil sketching, but it is not exactly like any of those.
Pyrography is the perfect method for creating custom game boards and other unique pieces, because the designs are permanent and will not wear off or transfer. The wood surface is burned as well as slightly carved so that the piece will last a long time and the art will remain attractive for many years to come. As a game board ages, it adds to the historic authenticity and style of the piece, because Tafl boards were cherished and well played for years in their time. Browse the online selection of customized game boards, game pieces, and wall art using pyrography, or order a personalized piece that your family can use on those chilly nights by the fire.

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