A welcoming greeting sign, with a humorous twist, or an artistic and creative way to display the family name or home address.  Adorn your door or entry area with a handcrafted hardwood sign complete with customizable art.  Each and every sign produced will have its own unique qualities and character, and will greet guests to your home with a stylish and rustic presentation of either a greeting, family surname, or address.


Signage is MADE TO ORDER, and typically requires 1-2 weeks production time.  Each sign produced will have different characteristics due to the nature of the wood.



  • A live edge or ‘bark-on’ plank of poplar hardwood, very resilient in exterior environments, with your choice of artwork wood-burned into the surface on one side.  Another smaller piece of poplar hangs below the artistic piece, and on this a greeting, family name, or address can be burned. 
  • The greeting option for the signage comes with a humorous, tongue-in-cheek greeting which is burned on the opposite side of the wood; perhaps for displaying when the in-laws or ‘that neighbor’ intend to visit.
  • The main artistic piece will measure approximately 13-inches by 9-inches, and is ¾-inches thick.  The hanging sign beneath will measure 4-inches by 9-inches, and will also be ¾-inches thick. 
  • All artwork and lettering are done by hand utilizing the art of pyrography.  The wood’s natural character is accentuated by applications of a natural oil stain.  The carbonized details will be protected from the elements and fading using a non-yellowing exterior spar urethane.  Care should be taken, however, to keep the signage out of direct intense sunlight, as it will advance the aging of the wood itself.
  • Hardware is corrosion-resistant decorative chain, hooks and eyes, typically in a nickel finish, but other finishes, such as brass or bronze, can be ordered by specific request.
  • Customers have their choice of art and font style.  Artwork is not confined to the examples made available; customer requests and submissions are happily welcomed!  Please contact me with your custom request!


When ordering, please utilize the “Custom Text" section to indicate your choice of greeting phrase (whether “Welcome”, “Hello”, “Greetings”, etc., as well as its reverse); exact spelling and format of the street address, or correct spelling of the surname to be burned into the wood, in accordance with your selected order request.

Welcome Sign, Address or Surname Sign - a creative & fun way to greet guests

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  • A larger, higher resolution version of each Selection Chart of readily available designs can be found by clicking the “Art Selection Library” link found at the bottom of any page.

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