Keep track of time while displaying your love of pop culture with this beautiful hardwood dimensional clock!  Precision cut with a powerful laser and hand assembled from a selection of beautiful woods, this clock is perfect for fans and eclectic collectors alike.  Several themes are available; from the fantasy worlds of Tolkien and Martin, the saga created by George Lucas, or the universe of Stan Lee.

Clocks are MADE TO ORDER, and require approximately 1 week for production, assembly, and finishing.  Pictures are supplied for example only.  Due to the nature of the materials, variances in appearance will occur.

The artistic 'Detail' layer is laser-cut from 1/8-inch thick wood, which is then mounted onto another 1/4-inch thick 'Base' layer.  The two layers are glued together with a high quality wood glue, stained with a natural oil to enhance the beauty of the wood, and finished with a satin lacquer.  A wooden bracket in the back keeps the clock movement aligned straight so that the hands always point directly and accurately to the hour and minute pips on the face.  The clock measures approximately 11 inches in diameter.  A quartz clock movement with an integrated hanging notch is installed, requiring a 'AA' battery (not included).  Clock hands are typically chosen to complement the clock's theme, in both style and color.   

Wall Clock: embrace your inner geek with this functional display of pop culture

Clock Theme
Wood Type - Base Layer
Wood Type - Detail Layer

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