*Upgrade Item*: a detailed set of carved antler playing pieces for hnefatafl games; each set completely unique.  Real antler, cut to size, then carved with details to denote the opponents.  A great, immersive way to make your hnefatafl game appear ages old and “period-appropriate”.  Set your game apart with these beautifully natural handcrafted pieces.  The appearance as well as the feel of the pieces will reinforce the historic aspects of the game.


This is a MADE TO ORDER upgrade item, typically requiring 1 to 2 weeks for completion, depending upon the total piece count ordered.  The pictures shown are for example only - your carved antler set will be created specifically and individually just for you!  This listing is intended as an upgrade from the standard ‘people peg’ playing pieces normally included in a hnefatafl board order, but can be ordered separately as well.



  • Carved antler pieces, with different style carvings to denote each opponent, and including a King ‘persona’ pawn.  Pieces are cut from antler, either deer, elk, or another available source, and carved individually by hand using a rotary carver.  The majority of the pieces will be carved and/or cut with simple line work and shapes; however, the King piece will be carved more elaborately, either as a face or more detailed design, to make that piece easily recognizable on the tafl grid.
  • Antler pawns will be between 1 ½-inches to 2-inches tall, and will have a base wide enough to stand on their own.  They may be created from tips or shaft, or a combination of both – the discernible characteristics will come from the carving and shaping of the pieces.  Due to the nature of the material used, and the random fashion in which the sets will be created, no two sets will ever be alike.
  • A natural muslin bag is included for storage and transport of the pieces.

Carved Antler pawns: Upgrade item for Hnefatafl games, each set unique

Number of Pieces

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