Welcome to the Arena! This is the Tafl Arena, an imaginative handcrafted creation enabling hnefatafl players to play four popular variants of the game in one unique and engrossing format.  This is a limited-edition release; only five of these special board game sets will be created.  Each tier of the arena magnetizes to the next, stacking upwards and outwards to create an interesting gaming environment.  Play any of the variants unattached, or leave the arena fully constructed – the grid markings easily denote the opening positions for each tafl game represented.  Challenge opponents to a tournament or campaign series of games and test your skills as Defender or Attacker, or even both!  Also included with the set is a completely unique, custom King!


This is a MADE TO ORDER item, and requires 3-4 weeks for completion.  Pictures are of the first-generation prototype, and are intended as example only.  Your Tafl Arena will be created to your specifications and/or requests.



  • A set of hnefatafl boards and rings that ultimately create an arena-like game structure, made from ¾-inch thick maple and/or cherry hardwood.  Customers have the option of having their arena constructed entirely from one wood type, or alternating the layers.  Wood color is attained by the character of the wood itself after applying a natural oil.  No pigmented stains are used. 
  • The tiers comprising the arena overlap and are held in place using powerful neodymium magnets; fully constructed, the board(s) can be moved by gripping the uppermost tier.  Approximate measurements for a fully constructed arena are 15-inches across by 3-inches high.
  • All artwork is achieved through the use of pyrography (the art of wood-burning by hand).  A satin lacquer is applied last to protect the board surfaces and seal in the carbonized artwork details. 
  • Artwork available is more simplistic knotwork designs, due to the overall amount of time involved in the construction and decoration of the arena.  Custom art requests and submissions are always welcome!
  • Each arena tier adds an outer ring of squares to the gameplay grid of the board/tier beneath; the linework for the grid is also burned into the inner edge of each tier to facilitate a contiguous appearance.
  • Playing pieces (37 total) are included.  Made in the U.S. by a local woodworking supply shop, then stained and finished by me in complement to the board.  A completely unique, customized King pawn is also included.  A drawstring bag is included for storage of the pieces.
  • This set of boards and tiers enables players to play the Irish “Brandub” (7x7), Finnish “Tablut” (9x9), Welsh “Tawlbwrdd” (11x11), and Norse “Gokstad” (13x13) variants of the game of hnefatafl – the markings on the playing area grid will denote opening positions for those variants.  A set of rules encompassing all the listed variants is included.
  • Further customization can be done by specific request; please contact me so that we may discuss the details.

Tafl Arena - four hnefatafl game variants in an innovative stacked format

Artwork Selection: 7X7 (base)
Artwork Selection: 9X9 level
Artwork Selection: 11x11 level
Artwork Selection: 13X13 (top tier)
Wood Type
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