*Upgrade Item*: ‘Ships Prow’ wooden hnefatafl game pawns; refine and customize the look of your IGNITED Arts-produced traditional board game with these handcrafted playing pieces!  This is an upgrade from the standard 'people peg' pieces included with any IGNITED tafl board order, but they can be purchased as a separate item as well.  These pieces are handmade from start to finish, and variations from set to set are to be expected; each piece is cut, shaped and detailed from quality maple and/or black walnut wood.  An excellent way to further expand the Scandinavian Viking theme of your customized hnefatafl game!


This is a MADE TO ORDER item, requiring 2-3 weeks production time, depending upon the total amount of pieces ordered.  The supplied pictures are samples of past creations, and intended as example only.  This listing is for playing pieces only; boards are NOT included.



•             Detailed and handcrafted ‘Ships Prow’-themed playing pieces, with a more detailed King pawn, for IGNITED Arts-produced tafl games.  Created solely for use with full-size hnefatafl boards, each piece is cut, shaped, and sanded completely by hand from hard maple and/or black walnut wood.  Each piece stands approximately 2-inches tall and just under an inch wide, and is carved to resemble a scrolled-style ships prow.  The King ‘Ships Prow’ pawn stands slightly taller than the rest, and is stylized to resemble a dragon, serpent, or other fierce beast, to denote its difference and importance in the game.  These playing pieces will definitely complement the historical nature and theme of the hnefatafl game!

•             Each set will come with the required amount for the particular game variant selected, plus one extra for each player (in case of mishap/loss). Refer to this list for piece counts:

7x7 Hnefatafl: 13+

9x9 Hnefatafl: 25+

11x11 Hnefatafl: 37+

13x13 Hnefatafl: 49+

•             Customers may select an ALL NATURAL option, or a STAINED option for the playing pieces. 

  • All natural pieces will rely on wood type for color/hue; the Defenders and King will be produced from maple wood, the Attackers produced from walnut.  Natural pieces will be enhanced with a non-pigmented oil and then lacquered. 
  • Stained playing pieces will be produced completely from maple wood, and the colors will be an unpigmented natural oil for the Defenders and King, and Dark Walnut or Ebony for the Attackers. (This color scheme may be reversed at the customer's request).


Prices are based upon the wood type used and total amount of pieces.

Ships Prow Pawns: Upgrade item for hnefatafl games - a perfect complement!

Piece Finish
Number of Pieces

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