Divination runes, 25 beautifully handcrafted rune "blocks", made from quality hardwood such as ash, cherry, mahogany, and walnut.  Whether for a collector or a practicing runecaster, this set of handmade and decorated Elder Futhark runes will be a cherished and functional work of art.  The rune blocks have a smooth and natural feel in the hand, and with continued use they will become even more so.  Each set of runes is completely unique to the next, ensuring an individuality and exclusive style for every set created.


Runes sets are MADE TO ORDER; typically requiring 1-2 weeks for completion.  Some variation to the photographed examples will be evident.



  • Each of the Elder Futhark runes is represented and burned into the surface of the wood, and the blank “wyrd” rune is also included, for a total of 25 blocks.  Runes can be made from either ash, cherry, mahogany, or walnut wood, and more exotic woods such as padauk can be requested directly.  The runes sets are available in two shapes, Eliptical and Rectangular; and are initially precision cut with a high-powered laser.  Runes are approximately 1-inch tall by ¾-inch wide, and are ¼-inch thick; very sturdy and with a great feel in the hands.   
  • The edges can be hand carved to give a rustic, archaic look or left plain and sanded slightly.  The rune blocks are treated with a non-toxic linseed oil and beeswax mixture to protect from wear and fading.  No stains or pigmented finishes are used; the rune blocks are left natural, their beauty and character enhanced by the Danish oil mix.  These runes will last through many years, whether it be for serious divination or idle use.
  • Further customization, such as texturing of the runes' reverse side by wood-burning, or addition of a sigil or mark is possible, and would be done in such a manner as to make the individual pieces indiscernible from one another.  Please contact me directly to discuss these options prior to ordering.

A set of runes will come in an 8x12-inch drawstring natural muslin pouch.

Runes Set: Divining Elder Futhark runes for the casual caster or runelore master

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