Jorvik Pipes, a historical Viking traveling instrument, also known as the Viking panpipes or wooden syrinx, handcrafted of quality hardwood with many artwork customizations available!  These Viking panpipes can bring years of enjoyment to both novice musicians and masters, are able to be tuned, and can give off a bold, striking sound as well as more subtle notes.  They are virtually indestructible, easy to care for, and stow easily into pack or pocket.  Entertain your friends at a party or your fellow Vikings at camp; with a little practice, these pipes can make you a skald worthy of the sagas!


This is a MADE TO ORDER item, generally requiring 1-2 weeks to create.  The pipes pictured are photographic examples only; customers have many choices when ordering their own.  No two sets of Jorvik Pipes will ever be exactly the same.



Before the book “The Viking Dig” was published, clues about what it was like to live in Jorvik (York, United Kingdom) were few and far between.  Most came from objects found by chance when workmen were laying foundations or digging drains.  Only a handful of small-scale excavations had encountered Viking-Age remains.  The excavation at Coppergate produced 40,000 different archaeological layers or contexts and led to the discovery of over 250,000 pieces of pottery, 5 tons of animal bone and 40,000 individually interesting objects.  All of this evidence has been identified, preserved and researched by York Archaeological Trust.  Amongst those items, a small but rare object called a syrinx, or set of panpipes, made of boxwood, was found in a 10th-century pit at Coppergate.  This is the only example of such an instrument known from the Viking period.



  • This inspired and artistically recreated version is handcrafted from either cherry, maple, or walnut and decorated with Viking Era, Celtic, or fantastic motifs utilizing pyrography, the art of wood-burning.  Each set of pipes are made to the approximate size of the discovered find, measuring 3 inches wide by 4.5 inches long, with a ¾-inch thickness.  Five holes are drilled into the wood at different depths, creating notes from top ‘A’ to top ‘E’.  The instrument is played by blowing across the holes, rather like a more traditional flute or even a bottle.  The pipes can produce a wonderful, "period sound”, and are an excellent instrument for casual tunes or accompanying the recital of a saga.  The holes are drilled, sanded very smooth, and then finished with three applications of a Danish oil and beeswax mixture, along with the exterior surfaces.  The Danish oil is a 100% natural finish that is completely non-toxic.  It will protect the artwork and preserve the wood for many years to come.  The natural oil finish is the only finish available for this item.  A leather thong, adorned with an antler tip or decorative bead, allows the instrument to be carried on a belt or wrist.  The pipes can even be fine-tuned by adding drops of warm liquid beeswax into the holes, if the musician so desires.
  • Artwork will be burned into the front side of the pipes, designated by keeping the ‘A’ note to the player's left, as well as an optional design along the side and bottom edges (selection of edge artwork is at the discretion of the artist, and will be designed and implemented to complement the main artistry). Customers can request custom artwork or even supply their own designs if they wish; please contact me beforehand with any customization questions or requests so that we may discuss the details.
  • The Jorvik Pipes will ship with a short pamphlet providing some of the historical research involving this instrument as well as tips for fine tuning the five notes and lifelong care of the pipes.    


Jorvik Pipes - an artistic functional replica of an ancient musical instrument

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