Drinking Horn Stand or prop, crafted from quality hardwood and embellished with a thematic wood-burned design; perfect for the mead-loving Viking or anyone who loves the experience and feel of drinking from a rustic horn.  Throw axes or play a challenging game of hnefatafl knowing that your beverage of choice is safely awaiting your patronage.  Show your personal style in an artistic fashion with this beautifully shaped and adorned drinking horn stand.  Handcrafted and decorated with cutting edge technology, then sealed with natural finishes to protect the wood and artwork as well as enhance their appearance.


This is a MADE TO ORDER item, typically requiring 1 week for production.  The pictures are for example only; drinking horns featured are NOT included.



  • A drinking horn stand made of beautiful 3/8-inch thick hardwood, for keeping a filled horn upright or to simply display a favorite decorative drinking horn in one's home.
  • The stand is precision cut with a laser engraving machine, with a 2-inch hole for the horn which is beveled slightly to better catch and hold the horn.  Each stand is then hand sanded and finished smooth.  Approximate size of the stand is 8 inches long (high) by 4 ½-inches wide.  Slight variances will occur due to the different shapes available.
  • Artwork is burned into the surface of the wood by hand utilizing the art of pyrography, or wood-burning.  Artwork is positioned so as to be easily viewed when in use. 
  • Artwork readily available is displayed on a chart located in the photos.  Custom requests are warmly welcomed!  There are so many possibilities artistically that they just cannot all be displayed.  Please contact me with your custom request!
  • A design or verbiage complementary to the selected artwork for the body of the stand will decorate the top of the horn stand.  Unless specifically requested, this is typically at the discretion/choice of the artist, and paired with the nature of the work, guarantees a unique overall design.
  • The stand and its artwork are preserved with multiple applications of a linseed oil and beeswax mixture, enhancing the details of both motif and wood.  A microcrystalline wax (Renaissance brand) is also rubbed into the surface to make any water or beverage spilled onto the surface bead right away.
  • Stands include a beaded lanyard for tucking into a belt or cinching at the wrist, positioned so as not to interfere with the artwork or function.

Drinking Horn Stand - a handcrafted prop for beverage horns

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  • A larger, higher resolution version of each Selection Chart of readily available designs can be found by clicking the “Art Selection Library” link found at the bottom of any page.

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