Dungeons & Dragons is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, with celebrity players, online coverage, and a new set of rules making the game even more accessible to the new player.  Protect your tabletop gaming environment from wild dice throws and wandering dice with this beautiful laser-engraved and handcrafted folding dice tower.  Keep miniatures in place and terrain pieces intact and upright!  No more searching for that one die that went over the edge of the table!  This dice tower is made of quality 100% hardwood, precision cut with laser technology, and assembled by hand.  Crafted of high quality materials, this tower is sure to last many gaming sessions and corral those crit rolls!


This is a MADE TO ORDER item, typically requiring 1 week for production.  The pictures are for example only; dice and books featured are NOT included.


  • A folding dice tower created from 3/16-inch thick hardwood, either one variety or a mix of two different but complementary woods. 
  • The tower components have been precisely cut and decorated with a high-powered laser engraver.  The parts are hand assembled using a cyanoacrylate glue specifically formulated for wood.
  • The decorative graphics are comprised of 1/16-inch hardwood, which is then glued into place and the edges of each piece sanded so that they round into the tower surfaces, disallowing potential pulling or catching, and ensuring the motif remains intact and unbroken during travel and use.
  • The tower is adorned with the recognizable Dungeons & Dragons ampersand logo, permanently affixed to the tower front, as well as the 'D&D' logo on the tray front.  On the back of the tower (the top when folded closed), a silhouetted dragon with a classic dungeon map superimposed within the figure.   
  • The tower hinges on two chicago screws with just enough tension to keep the tower chute upright during gameplay.  
  • The tray floor and tumblers within the tower are felted.
  • The tower is finished with a natural oil stain, enhancing the beauty of the wood(s), and the surfaces protected with a quality satin lacquer. 
  • Opened dimensions are approximately 8x8x5 inches (HxLxW).  The folded tower can also be used to store and carry dice to the next big gaming event! 

Dice Tower: Dungeons & Dragons-themed RPG gaming accessory - Roll in style!

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