Chess and Checkers, two of the best known and most-played board games known to man, handcrafted and with a pyrographed (wood-burned) artistic motif.  Chess is a traditional game of capture and strategy, played for the last several centuries by a great many game enthusiasts all around the world.  Checkers, or “draughts”, as it is known in many parts of the world, is nearly as old as Chess, and utilizes some of the same rules.  Both games are intensely challenging yet not daunting, and each has a high potential for replayability.  This board would make a great addition to any player's collection, and could be a great starter board for the ardent novice.  Created from quality hardwood, this classic board and pieces will bring challenge and enjoyment for many years to come.  Each game board is created as a functional piece of art with heirloom potential; no two boards are ever created exactly the same. 


This is a MADE TO ORDER item, with a processing time of 3 weeks typically.  Your board will be made to your specifications and/or custom requests.  Pictures shown represent past completed orders, and are intended as examples only.



  • Chess/Checkers board constructed of 3/4" thick hardwood (either cherry, mahogany, or maple); handcrafted and decorated with your choice of art and edge style.  Only the finest selection of hardwood is used for a beautiful and enduring board that will last for generations.  Wood color is attained by the character of the wood itself after applying a natural oil.  No pigmented stains are used.
  • All artwork is achieved through pyrography (the art of wood-burning by hand).  A satin lacquer is applied last to protect the board surface and seal in the carbonized artwork details. 
  • Artwork available varies from historical to modern historically-inspired designs.  Custom art requests and submissions are always welcome; please contact me so that we may discuss the details.
  • Board has a playing grid of 8x8 diversified squares, each square 1.375-inch wide, with a 2-inch artistic border surrounding the grid, for a total size of 15 inches square.
  • Playing pieces are included.  These pieces are made in the U.S. by a local woodworking supply shop.  Two drawstring bags are included for storage of the game pieces.
  • Further customization can be done by specific request, such as watercolor accents, wooden and metal inlays, etc.  Please message me with your requests or ideas!



  • Chess is one of the best-known and recognizable board games in the world.  It is one of the most deeply studied games, and the subject of serious tournament competition.  There are many different forms of chess, not only historical curiosities but surviving regional variants.  The game invented in India in the middle of the first millennium resembles the modern game very closely, but two of the long-range pieces of today's game, the queen and the bishop, had much shorter moves, leaving the rooks as the only long-range pieces.  This produced a much slower game, and various methods have been contrived throughout the centuries to speed the game up.  The twentieth century saw the founding of the World Chess Federation, which acts as the governing body of international chess competition.  It defines the rules of the game, both for play between individuals and for the conduct of tournaments.
  • Checkers, also known as draughts, is a marriage of medieval chess and another game called alquerque.  From chess, checkers took the checkered-style board, the idea of restricted forward movement, as well as the move of the king.  From alquerque it took the single-step movement and the method of capturing opponent pieces by jumping.  The game is said to have been invented in medieval times, perhaps in the twelfth century.  Its probable place of origin is southern Europe.  Since its invention, it has spread and varied, each country adopting the game having its own preferred rules, and some countries having enlarged boards of 10x10 or even 12x12 squares.  The version played in English-speaking countries preserves one of the earliest sets of rules.
  • A rules pamphlet for each game is included with the board and pieces. 


Chess & Checkers - two of the world's best known and most played games

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