Asalto board game, a 19th century traditional board game for two players, related to the much older medieval Fox & Geese game.  This handcrafted wooden game will challenge even veteran players of the hunt strategy-style games, pitting one player under siege against another with a massive attacking force.  This game is an excellent addition to an avid gamer's collection, and a great way to enjoy some quality time with friends and family.  The board can feature a historically-inspired motif, and is created as a functional piece of art with heirloom potential, sure to bring enjoyment to many generations.   


This game is MADE TO ORDER, with a production time of 2-3 weeks - the pictures presented are of other completed orders and are for example only.  Your board shall be created to your specifications and/or requests.



  • Asalto game board constructed of ¾- inch thick hardwood (either Cherry, Maple, or Walnut); handcrafted and decorated with your choice of art and edge style.  Only the finest selection of hardwood is used for a beautiful and enduring board that will last for generations.  Other more exotic woods, such as mahogany, can be ordered by request.  Wood color is attained by the character of the wood itself after applying a natural oil.  No pigmented stains are used.
  • All artwork is achieved through the use of pyrography (the art of wood-burning by hand).  A satin lacquer is applied last to protect the board surface and seal in the carbonized artwork details. 
  • Artwork available varies from historical to modern historically-inspired designs.  Custom art requests and submissions are always welcome!
  • The board has a cross shaped playing grid of 33 points, measuring 7 inches across, with a 2-inch artistic border surrounding the grid, for a total board size of 11 inches square.
  • The board's edges can be trimmed with a decorative moulding, or left plain and sanded smooth.
  • Playing pieces (26 total) are included.  Made in the U.S. by a local woodworking supply shop, then stained and finished by me in complement to the board.  A drawstring bag is included for storage of the pieces.
  • Further customization can be done by specific request; please contact me so that we may discuss the details.



  • "Asalto" is a hunt style game from 19th-century Victorian Europe.  Despite its name, it is not Spanish in origin, and in fact was more popular in Germany and England at the time, where several marketed variants were made.  It uses a cross-shaped board of 33 points, with one of the arms of the cross marked out as a fortress. Two loyal ‘officers’ man the fortress, and they try to fend off 24 invading ‘rebels’ who are trying to trap and eliminate them.  As stated, a number of variations were made of this game since its original creation; "German Tactics" restricted the movement of the rebels. "Officers & Sepoys" enlarged the board to accommodate fifty rebels and three officers, and adopted the 1857 Indian mutiny as its theme.  This is a very fun and challenging game of strategy which has withstood the test of time.
  • Asalto is played by two players on a board resembling that used for solitaire. The differences are that the playing spaces are linked by lines, including some on the diagonals, to indicate allowable directions of movement. One end of the board is also marked out as the fortress, encompassing nine squares in total. One player has two officers, and the other has twenty-four rebels.  Players decide at random who takes which side; the rebels are placed on the board, filling every space outside the fortress.  The two officers are placed anywhere in the fortress, at the discretion of the player who controls them.  Only one piece may occupy a point at any one time.  Officers cannot leap over each other, and rebels cannot leap at all.  An officer can capture a rebel by leaping over him onto a vacant space beyond.  If the officers' player fails to make a capture when one is available, then the rebel player may point out the missed capture and remove that officer before continuing with his own move - this is the only way an officer can be captured, as the rebels cannot leap.  If the officers are trapped by the rebels so that they are unable to move, they lose the game and the rebels win; if both the officers are removed, then they have lost and the rebels win.  If the officers capture so many rebels that their task becomes impossible, then they win the game.
  • A rules pamphlet is included with the game.

Asalto - a Victorian Age game of mutiny & survival

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