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Wood Samples

There are many varieties or types of wood available; these eight hardwoods are most commonly used for my creations.

Bloodwood:  Bloodwood is an exotic wood with a deep red color.  Exceptionally hard, durable, strong, and beautiful.

Cherry:  Cherry is a domestic hardwood which finishes to a nice reddish color that deepens with age.

Mahogany:  Mahogany is towards the softer side as far as wood hardness goes, but takes a great finish. Reddish in color when finished.

Maple:  Maple is a light creamy color when finished. It's a very hard wood which takes a great finish, and contrasts well with cherry and walnut.

Oak:  Oak is a light to medium brown color, though there can be a fair amount of variation in color.  It is very durable, with a variable grain.

Poplar:   Poplar is easy to work with; it cuts, burns, and engraves with a laser very well, and is resilient outdoors with the proper finish applied.

Purpleheart:  Purpleheart is an exotic hardwood, and is very dense.  Purple in color when finished.

Walnut:  Walnut has been popular among craftsmen in the United States for generations. With its rich brown color and beautiful character, it is easy to see why.

Edge Styles

Examples of the available styles for the edges of a game board.  All styles are available to any board offered in the shop, even if not listed as an option.  Please contact me if you wish your board to be edge-dressed with an option not available in the selection drop-downs.  Edge styles shown are for basic example only; variations will occur due to material character, design, and availability.

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