Handcrafted Items Near Me

IGNITED Arts & Design Has Handcrafted Items Near Me in Alexander Maine

Are you looking for handcrafted items near me in Alexander, Maine? IGNITED Arts & Design has many quality handcrafted pieces that will stand the test of time and look great on display. The finest hardwood is used in each piece, and you will feel the difference as you glide your board pieces across the surface and rest your hands on the edges.
Is your family a family of game enthusiasts? Does Monday night mean popcorn and board games? Why not make your family hobby a functional piece of art in your home? A handcrafted traditional board game can remain on display throughout the week between gaming sessions because of its decorative beauty. Choose from the current selection of boards, or commission a more personalized piece. You could have each family member's name etched onto the wood, or an old symbol to represent something that has meaning for your family. The options are limitless.

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