Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my made to order item to ship?

If your item is ‘MADE TO ORDER’, the time for production is noted in the item description. The nature of the handicraft, as well as curing time for the finishes, dictates the production time. Certain times of year, such as the holiday season, can cause a slight increase in production times – please plan accordingly if purchasing a special gift! If the item is listed as ‘READY TO SHIP’, then it can be packaged and on its way in 1-3 business days.

How are prices calculated for custom items?

Prices are calculated by materials cost and the complexity of the build and/or artwork of the item. More complex creations and artwork require more time to achieve the greater amount of detail necessary.

Can I make changes to my order once it is placed?

Typically, after the third day from the time the order was placed, artwork is being laid down. Pyrography, or wood-burning, is very permanent, and even sanding or planing the wood surface will not remove all the lines. If a change is necessary for whatever reason, please contact me immediately – I may be able to work the change into the work that has already been started.

Where on the site can I find examples of the available artwork as referred to in the ordering drop-downs?

In most cases, artwork selection examples can be found on a chart included in the photos of each MADE TO ORDER item (usually the last photo in the series). The examples are provided as a base idea – I typically expand on the designs and add detail not conveyed on the chart. I can also fulfill personal customization requests to any design offered; please contact me!

Can I order options from other shop items for the piece I am interested in?

In the majority of cases, yes – there may be a few exceptions that would concern proper scale/sizing, etc. I would love to offer many more options for each item I create, but all sites have limitations to the amount of variations one can offer. Please contact me with your request, and I will do my best to make it happen!

I saw an item featured on your site, but it is no longer available. How often do you restock?

I usually only list one MADE TO ORDER custom item at a time (of any type). When a particular item is purchased, and gets far enough in the production cue, I will relist that item, indicating I am ready to make another one. This method keeps me from becoming terribly backlogged and ensures my customers get their special item within the time I have promised.

Are all of your products handcrafted?

The vast majority of them are. I have a fully outfitted woodshop, and a studio featuring Razertip’s latest pyrographic technology. I do own a powerful laser engraver as well, with which a few of my items are exclusively made, though still hand-assembled and finished. I use the laser’s cutting abilities for certain items in my collection – typically small piece items and/or those requiring unsurpassable precision cutting. (When it comes to saws, I prefer to “work smarter”).

The artwork and much of the larger woodwork are performed completely by hand - thus ensuring a uniqueness even with creative pieces that may utilize the laser in some aspect.

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