The Knotwork Art Style

A brief history of an ancient and still widely practiced art form…

Originating from ancient Gaul and northern Italy in the 7th century, the Knotwork or Plaited art form found it’s way to Britannia (ancient England), where the Celts adopted their own more geometric-based version, which later was heavily influenced by interaction with the Norse, who also used plaited art, but in a much more flowing method, eventually creating the knotwork forms and methodology artists use today when decorating something in a Celtic or Scandinavian style.


The owner and artist of IGNITED Arts & Design is very knowledgeable in the artistic genre of knotwork, and can create either a unique design using the geometric method as well as select a historic or historically-inspired motif from a tremendous library of beautiful, intricate pieces.  If you have an affinity and appreciation for the ancient knotwork art form, let IGNITED Arts & Design of Maine create a piece for you; browse the Art Selection Library on the site or contact the artist with your personal request.

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