Traditional Board Games

What is a Traditional Board Game?

The term Traditional Board Game typically applies to games of antiquity, and may also describe contemporary games created in a more personalized, handcrafted style, from natural materials such as wood, leather, even stone – rather than commercially-produced games made of manmade materials, like plastic.


At IGNITED Arts & Design, located in the natural beauty of Alexander, Maine, Traditional Board Games such as Chess, Hnefatafl, Morris (aka Merels), and a host of other games from multiple cultures and regions around the world are created from beautiful hardwoods such as cherry, maple, mahogany, and walnut; each adorned with beautiful wood-burned artwork to match the game’s heritage.  Whether for an avid game enthusiast, admirer of historical art, or both, IGNITED Arts & Design can create the perfect gift or functional art piece for you, based upon your selections and requests.

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